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The Vidyalaya is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The Vidyalaya, which is co-educational prepares students for the All India Secondary School (AISS) Examination (X) & All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) XII.

Academic Session and School Terms

The academic year has been divided into two terms:-

  • Term I - June to September
  • Term II - October to March

Each Term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessment. Formative Assessment will include Class Tests (Pen & Paper Test), Oral Teast, Assignments, Quiz, Class Work, Home Work, Projects (Group/ Individual). Activities or Experiments, Conversation / Interviews, Seminars etc. Summative Assessment would be a pen and paper written Assessment.

Class I - V

  • Evaluation I 17th to 29th September 2015
  • Evaluation II 12th to 23rd December 2015
  • Evaluation III March 2016.

Class VI to X

  • Term I - June to September
    • FA 1 - 15th June to 31st July 2015
    • FA 2 - 3rd August to 7th September 2015
    • SA I - 28th September to 9th October 2015
  • Term II - October to March
    • FA 3 - 15th October to 30th November 2015
    • FA 4 - January and February 2016
    • SA 2 For Class X- 1nd Week of March 2016
    • SA 2 For Class XII-2nd Week of March 2016

Class XI and XII

  • Class Test / Unit Tests every month (One in a month after a unit is over)
  • 1st Terminal Examination XI & XII 28th September to 9th October 2015
    2nd Terminal Examination XI 11th December to 19th December 2015
    1st Pre Board Examination XII 11th December to 19th December 2015
    2nd Pre Board Examination XII 1st Week of  January 2016
    Final Examination XI February 2016
    Board Practical Examination XII 15th January to 15th February 2016
    Board Examination XII 1st March 2016

Practical for Class XI & XII would be conducted one week before the Theory Examinations.